THE REV EPIC – Summer Solstice

Welcome to the hardest Double Century in San Diego County!  This event promises to challenge you to your absolute limits.  If you are a climber or at least fancy yourself as a climber this ride is for you.  Here is the headline – 218.3 miles · +26,501 ft!! If you are interested you should continue if not maybe you have a friend that would be interested and we encourage you to share this challenge with them.Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.11.28 PM

Let’s make a few things clear from the start:

  1.  ENTRY FEE : No Entry Fee
  2.  SUPPORT: No Support provided – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU
  3.  TIMING: No Event Timing

Now a few more house notes:

DATE: June 22, 2019

START TIME: 5:41 am

START/FINISH LOCATION: Harrah’s Casino Rincon, Ca

START ADDRESS: 777 S Resort Dr, Valley Center, CA 92082

SUNRISE: 5:41 am

SUNSET: 8:00 pm

HOURS OF DAYLIGHT: 14 hours 19 minutes


  1. NATE HARRISION GRADE — Cat HC  8.4 mi avg 9% 4,202 gain
  2. SOUTH GRADE PALOMAR — Cat HC 11.6 miles 7% grade 4,236 gain
  3. MESA GRANDE EASTBOUND– Cat 3 1.7 mi 8% 715 gain
  4. MOUNT LAGUNA — Uncategorized 13.8 mi 2% 1,309 gain
  5. PINE CREEK, MOUNT LAGUNA — Cat 2 7.3 mi 4% grade 1,694 gain
  6. MESA GRANDE WESTBOUND —  Cat 4 1.7 mil 5% 427 gain
  7. EAST GRADE PALOMAR — Cat HC 12.1 miles 5% 2,959 gain


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.12.20 PM

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 4.53.35 PM



The REV EPIC – Summer Solstice start/finish is at the Harrah’s Casino in Rincon, CA AKA Funner.  Plan to start on time at 5:41 sunrise for June 22, 2019.  If you need more time to finish in the daylight then you should roll earlier.  You will roll from the Shell station and head Northeast on Valley Center road, around the traffic circle and head West on Hwy 76.  Use these first 4.5 miles as your warm-up.  The hardest climb of the day is first on tap.

MILE 4.5

Left turn onto NATE HARRISON GRADE (NHG).  NHG is a mixed terrain climb it is mainly fire road with a few sections of loose rock, sand and a few sections that are very rocky.  Steep grades throughout with only a few reliefs here and there.  Plan on riding on 700×28 tires and lower pressures.  You will summit NHG with approximately mile 18.6 and 5,411 feet of gain

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.07.59 PM

MILE 31.7 

Once you summit NHG on Crestline Road you will descend back down to Rincon.  At mile 31.7 you will begin an 11.6 mile climb up South Grade Palomar and conclude your climb on Crestline Road.  At this point you will be approximately 45 miles and 10,000 feet!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.08.32 PM

MILE 59.6 

You are now going to enjoy a gentle descent down from Crestline Road down East Grade Road to Hwy 76.  After your well deserved descent you will turn right onto Mesa Grande for a short steep climb.  Mesa Grande takes you through peaceful rural and country roads – a nice escape from urban living.  You will exit Mesa Grande and begin your climb up to Julian some of it on Hwy 79 and some on Wynola Road.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.24.37 PM


You should reach Julian and you will have approximately 13,000 feet on your legs in about 82 miles.  A good place to refuel!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.28.50 PM

MILE 103 

First summit on Mount Laguna you will have approximately 16,000 feet of gain. Refuel!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.10.24 PM

MILE 130 

Second summit on Mount Laguna after climbing the very steep ramped climb of Pine Creek.  Approximately mile 115 you will turn onto Pine Creek.  It seems fairly mellow at first and then BAM! you are hit with very steep grades.  Did I mention you would have over 16,000 feet of climbing on your legs already?  By the time you summit Mount Laguna the second time you will have nearly 19,000 feet!


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.11.28 PM

MILE 203

You will summit the third and unique ascent of Palomar Mountain on East Grade Rd up to Crestline Road.  You have completed all of the significant climbing on this event.  203 Miles and 26,000 feet of gain!!  The only thing left is a 15 mile descent down to Rincon, CA.



It is strongly suggested that you consider the following

  1. Compact Crankset — 50T/34T chainrings
  2. Cassette- 11-28 or larger such as 11-32 or 11-34
  3. New or fairly new tires
  4. Tubeless or robust tires in 700×28
  5. Two tubes – minimum (patch kit, boots)
  6. Pump – mini or frame pump
  7. Nutrition – bring what you know works for 12 plus hours
  8. Lights – Headlight and Taillight
  9. Mosquito Net – for upper section of Nate Harrison Grade
  10. Battery Packs – keep your shit charged, lights, GPS and phone.