The REV Epic – REV 500

REV Cycling is working diligently and expeditiously to offer you the hardest one day ride of your season and quite possibly the hardest ride you will ever do in your life!  Until the next REV Epic… Save the date – January 1, 2019 more details to follow.

The ride will pay homage and tribute to the Hells 500 crew out of Australia.  Their endless pursuit of finding new and more difficult challenges brought about the High Roleurs Society.  REV Cycling shares a very similar mindset always looking for “the next big thing” What’s bigger?  What’s harder?  What’s Epic?  What’s even more Epic? We found our kindred spirits half a world away and we couldn’t be happier.  We have found riders that follow our same ethos and value system where hard work and suffering offers the greatest sense of accomplishment and achievement.  We are like-minded cyclists. We are brothers-in-arms.

We are looking for a few hard men and women to undertake the REV 500 – a continuous ride of a minimum of 32,809 feet (10,000 meters) of climbing.  We will be using the format and rules established by the High Roleurs Society.  We will climb many if not all the iconic mountains in San Diego County in ONE day.  Route is yet to be finalized.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 2.54.51 PM.png

This will be an extremely difficult ride.  It should not be taken lightly.  As such, you are required to submit a request to join the ride with your riding resume of current achievements to If you do not possess what we consider to be the proper depth of experience then you will be turned away.

Maybe you are not ready this year but you would like to support the event.  You should attend the Grand Départ and roll out with the procession of riders and SAG vehicle(s).  You can then ride as far as you like before turning around and heading home.  Alternatively, you can ride one-way as far as you like but you must have pre-arranged your transport that will return you and your bike home safely.  A perfect opportunity to achieve a new personal best by being inspired by those around you.

We are seeking volunteers to help SAG.  We are looking for two versions of SAG:

  1.  Mobile in which case one vehicle will be supplied
  2. Stationary at a waypoint somewhere on the course – ideally local residents

As of today, the date is set for New Year’s Day January 1, 2019.  Some businesses observe the holiday and will be closed.  With this in mind SAG might be able to fill in the voids in the long mountainous and desert stretches where there are no services.

You should prepare your family, friends and loved ones that you may be out of communication for extended periods of time as cell coverage is very spotty on the proposed route.  People wanting to be updated will be able to find general updates on social media provided hopefully by our SAG.  Additionally, they should know you will be gone possibly as long as 24 hours.  It is suggested that you request January 2nd as a day off from your employer as well. You may not be able to focus and give your employer your best.  You will still be reeling from your epic ride and huge sense of accomplishment.

It will be in the middle of winter with short daylight hours.  Even in Southern California we might encounter snow or freezing rain at high altitudes.  It is encouraged that you have the appropriate clothing, lights and reflective equipment to ensure your safety on the rural country roads. We might have great weather or purely abysmal.  We might have both since we are covering a lot ground to accumulate 32,809 feet of gain.

If you are interested in the REV Epic you are encouraged to subscribe to this blog and get on the mailing list by sending us an email at