Palomar Mountain Spring

The Palomar Mountain Experience

Welcome to the most challenging 5-day cycling camp offered by anyone in Southern California.  We have three options for you to choose from Monday March 11, 2019 thru Friday March 15, 2019.  Check in on Sunday March 10, 2019  travel plans for return on Saturday March 16, 2018

The Elite level course covers  400 miles (643 km) and 40,000 feet (12192 meters) of climbing.

Our Intermediate level camp covers 282 miles (450 km) and 26,000 feet of climbing (7900 meters).  

Our development course covers 100 miles (160 km) 10,000 feet (3000 meters) of climbing. 

The full 5-day camp will provide you with the rare experience of escaping to the mountains and just riding your bike.  However, we offer a 3-day mini camp as well.  The Mini camp is ideal for riders who have many responsibilities outside of cycling and/or are development riders. We offer the 3-day camp because let’s face it not everyone can get away from family, friends and work commitments for 5 days plus travel.   

  • Who– REV Cycling – a premier event promoter of endurance events. Staff George Vargas.
  • What – A 5 or 3-day Mini camp
  • When – Monday March 11, 2019 – Friday March 15, 2019
  • Where – Lake Henshaw base camp approx 2,800 feet elevation.  Climb San Diego County’s world-famous Palomar Mountain 5150 Elevation, Mount Laguna Elevation 6,100  and many other long sustained climbs.  Ride stages used in the Amgen Tour of California and Race Across America. Shorter but equally as challenging options are offered daily.
  • Why –  because you deserve a vacation!
  • How much (2 person lodging and meals included– Single Occupancy is $375 extra)
  • $1395 early bird registration before December 1, 2018
  • $1495 Super Saver registration between December 2, 2018- January 1, 2019
  • $1595 Regular registration between January 2, 2019 –  Feb 1, 2019 
  • $1695 LATE Registration Feb 2, 2019- Feb 28, 2019
  • Camp registration closes Monday Feb 28, 2018

A minimum of $500 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration.  To secure the best pricing full payment is due at the time of registration.  If you choose to place a $500 non-refundable deposit you will receive the current pricing tranche when you make your full payment.  For example, best pricing is before December 1, 2018 a $500 deposit may be made and then full payment before December 1, 2018 to receive early bird pricing of $1395

Second example a $500 non-refundable deposit may be made in December 1, 2018 (when rate is $1395) to secure a spot in the limited camp and full payment made between Jan 2, 2019 and Feb 1, hence your camp registration would be $1595.


Mini Camp Pricing

3 Days of riding

How much (Lodging and meals included– Single Occupancy $275)
$895 early bird registration before December 1
$995 Super Saver registration between December 2- January 1,
$1095 Regular registration between January 2 –  Feb 1
$1195 LATE Registration Feb 2- Feb 9
Camp registration closes Monday Feb 28, 2019


What does your package include?

5 days of riding or 3 day mini camp

Full SAG Support

REV Cycling Tote

REV Cycling Cap

REV Cycling socks

Mdrive Samples

(Goodie Bag items may vary)


Please support our sponsors



Premium Bibs and shorts with gel chamois and double lycra hems – $199.95

Premium Jersey double lycra cuffs – $149.95



REV Camps Special Black Edition Jersey Final screenshot

REV Camps Special Black Edition bib Final screenshot



Located just 90 minutes from San Diego International Airport, Lake Henshaw offers a convenient base of operations for a climbing camp.  Surrounded by mountains in all directions it is a climber’s dream location.




Lake Henshaw is a beautiful lake with many activities for the entire family. But there are also lots of great sights and opportunities in the surrounding area.

• Only 1.5 hours from downtown San Diego

• The Historic town of Julian is a beautiful 17 mile drive, and has great shopping for unique items and gifts

• There are loop drives to Borrego for the Spring wildflowers • Palomar Mountain Observatory and State Park

• Cuyamaca State Park is nearby

• 5 casinos within a 35 minute drive

• 40 minutes from the San Diego Wild Animal Park

• Great hiking trails all around

• Big Weekend live bands at the lake

• Great birdwatching is all around

• Less than an hour from Temecula wine tasting



Five or 3 days of concentrated climbing and riding in the rural areas of San Diego County.

Imagine yourself climbing HC and Category 1 climbs while fully supported like a pro cyclist.

Typical Day

Wake up with an unobstructed view of Lake Henshaw. A picture perfect sunrise on a crisp and cool morning in the Mid 40’s to low 50’s F.  The sun will rise over the mountain ridge to the East with the lake in the foreground.  You will join your friends for a cup of coffee or tea and breakfast.  Eggs to order, Oatmeal, Yogurt, French Toast, homemade granola and fresh fruit.   Most days riding will begin at 9am.   Short course riders will be back by lunch.  Long course will have lunch on the road.  Ride all day or any part of it that you like.  Come back to the cabins, have a recovery shake or snack, shower and unwind.  Nightly informational chats on training, nutrition, skills development, power based training and race planning.  After the nightly chats enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our staff.

Imagine riding in a low traffic area with climbing options in all directions! Short punchy climbs to long epic climbs.

Full SAG support each day. Fueling needs during your rides you will be provided by Carbo Pro products, Enduro Bites, Skratch Labs, Spiz, Pro Bar energy chews and bars. Additionally, the usual Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, pretzels, trail mix, fresh fruit etc.

Bag drop – When you’re out on a remote ride or a mountainous climbing day, haven’t you ever wished you could peel off the extra clothing you don’t need and not have to carry it?  We will provide a bag drop service for you.  Just give the SAG vehicle a bag of all your favorite clothing items and we will be available at the bottom and top of all major climbs during the camp. We asked that you clearly mark your clothing items so that we/you can keep track of your items during the 5 or 3 days of shuffling your personal items in and out of the SAG vehicle.



When you register for the camp you will be provided with an extensive recommended gear list but here are the highlights.

5 Cycling Kits, Spare cycling shoes (in case it rains you may want a dry pair for the next day)

Summer Clothing (REV Cycling gear may be purchased in advance and picked up at the camp)

Intermediate Clothing – long sleeve jersey, vests, a light jacket, arm warmers and knee warmers.  Heavy winter gear will not be necessary.  (REV Cycling clothing is available for purchase before and during the camp)

Cycling Computer to capture data of the most climbing you have probably done in a week’s time

Camera – to capture images of incredibly beautiful scenery and brag to your friends

Lighting system- The camp will be held during early spring.  Most rides/riders will be back before twilight.  Each rider MUST have 2 taillights installed on their bike.   Camp special rates on lighting systems will be available.



You can check daily weather Lake Henshaw (2803 ft) here

Daily weather at Palomar Mountain summit (5130 ft) here

Daily weather in Borrego Springs (720 ft) here

Daily weather Mount Laguna Summit (5737 ft) here

Average temperature for Lake Henshaw

Average rainfall for Lake Henshaw



To register for the camp please send an email to subject line should read “The Palomar Mountain Spring Cycling Camp”.  You will then be sent an entry form and payment instructions.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration.  Please read cancellation policy found here.  The balance is due 30 days before attending the camp or you can pay the entire registration fee upfront.

-SIX nights accommodation, twin or Single occupancy (arriving Sunday March 10 – Departing Saturday March 16)
-ALL breakfasts and evening MEALS at the cabin
-ONE dedicated support vehicles and TWO staff (for a maximum of 20 clients), guaranteeing you the best possible on-road support.
-Route sheet provided daily
-Qualified MECHANICAL back-up, including spare parts, Tires, Tubes and spare wheels.
-THREE roadside feed-stations per day offering creative, cycling-friendly real food Two snack-based feed-stops and one lunch feed. Energy drink & energy food supplements, will be available for purchase on the event.
Flight transfers / travel to / from start
Travel Insurance
Drinks with evening meals
In the case of a crash incurring treatment for road-rash, or other minor accident treatment, you will be asked for a contribution towards excessive bandage use, etc.


The Palomar Mountain Cycling Camp will be an extreme test of your mental and physical endurance. If you choose to tackle the long courses offered each day this may be the most climbing any of you have ever done in a week’s time.  So what can you do to prepare?

Here are some suggestions.

1.  Find a local hill that provides at least 20 minutes of sustained climbing.  If you are fortunate enough to have mountains in your area that would be even better.  Work on increasing your overall elevation gain per week until you can reach at least 25,000 feet in three consecutive days. You must experiment with riding 5 consecutive days as well. Don’t overdo the distance or climbing but challenge yourself to ride 5 days straight before attending the camp.

2.  If you don’t have mountains or hills you can work on the flat terrain in your tempo power zones.  Gradually increase your work load so that you can ride several hours a day in your tempo power zone. You should be able to increase your riding endurance up to 5-6 hours a day.

3. Shorter course options will be available daily.  You have the option to take a short route or drive the SAG vehicle for the day as you recover and come back stronger after a day of recovery.

4.  If you can’t train outside because of weather, shortage of riding time during the work week or work/family obligations then consider working on an indoor trainer.  You should work your way up to an hour of endurance/tempo zone.  Many of the climbs on this camp are at least 60 minutes in duration.



Monday March 11, 2019

Plan to arrive Sunday evening or early Monday morning in San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles. For those with power meters you have the option of conducting a power profile test today before the start of the ride or after the ride if you wish to be warmed up properly.

First scheduled ride of the camp rolls at 9am!

NEW for 2019! A newly designed course.

Two options Short and Long.

Short course 40 miles and 4,800 feet of climbing

Long course 90 miles and nearly 12,000 feet of climbing

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.58.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.57.35 PM


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.55.22 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.54.43 PM




TUESDAY March 12, 2019 DAY #2

Power profile test administered before the camp begins is essential to getting the most out of your training!

Roll time is 9am

– 2 routes available Long and short

Featured Climb

Montezuma Valley Rd 11 mile climb 3400 feet of gain (mile 52)

From the lodge we turn right onto Hwy 76 for a short warm up.  Within a mile we will turn right on Mesa Grande Rd and climb 2 miles of 7-8% grades.  We will then roll up and down on the Mesa and descend towards Hwy 79.  You can stop at Santa Ysabel and visit the famous Dudley’s Bakery or the general store if you need supplies. Your SAG vehicle will alway be nearby.  Leaving Santa Ysabel you will climb a gradual and undulating climb on the main road before turning left onto Wynola Rd. A typical country road in these parts, it rolls up and down through rural neighborhood and exits on the opposite side of the town of Julian.

The descent from Julian has fast and curvy sections along with long straight sections as it drops down to the desert.  A left turn and a short medium grade climb of Yaqui Pass and then another fast long straight descent to Borrego Springs.  A SAG stop awaits you at the Christmas Circle to fuel up before the featured climb of the day Montezuma Valley Rd (aka the Glass Elevator).  The climb is 11 miles and gains 3400 feet.  The grades range from 3%-8% nothing really steep or prolonged. Please enjoy the view over your left shoulder as you ascend.  Your SAG vehicle will be following you along the climb and available at a few points when it is safe for the vehicle to pull off the narrow mountain road.   Once at the top it is generally down hill from 4,000 feet to the lodge at 2,600 feet over the next 25 miles.

Wednesday March 13, 2019 Day #3  

The Queen’s Stage 8:00 am start

This is the most challenging day of the camp.  During the first two days of camp you need to consider your pacing strategy.  The camp is NOT a race.  Stage 3 promises to test your mental and physical limits like no other day.  It is estimated to be 108 miles and 15,944 feet of gain (174 km 4860 meters).

Beginning at our base camp in Lake Henshaw we roll out heading West on Hwy 76.  You will have plenty of time to warm up before your first climb at MILE 19 (30 km).  You will climb about 1,000 feet (305 meters) but descend about 2,800 feet (850 meters)

Climb #1 Cole Grade

You will climb 965 feet (300 meters) in 2.5 miles (4 km)

Climb #2 South Grade Palomar

Palomar South Grade

At mile 33 (53 km) you will climb 13.3 miles (21 km) and 4500 feet (1387 meters) for an average grade of 6.4%.

Climb #3 East Grade Palomar

At mile 57 (92 km) you will climb 11 miles (17.8 km) and 3,000 feet (914 meters) of gain for an average grade of 5.2%. You can also opt to pull the rip cord at this point. There is no shame in ending your ride here.  By this point you will have climbed 7200 feet (2195 meters) in 57 miles (92 km)

If you choose to continue you climb East Grade Palomar and summit at mile 68 (109 km) with a total gain of 10,300 feet (3140 meters).  At this point you have to make a decision if you still want to suffer even more.

Climb #4 Nate Harrison Grade

This little known climb is the star of the show!  It is paved partway and then the smooth road gives way to hard-packed dirt and eventually sandy and rocky.  Very steep pitches and some opportunity to hike-a-bike.  Don’t forget to look over your shoulder West towards  the valley below.  You will be amazed by the amount of gain you have achieved in such a short distance.

After you summit Nate Harrison Grade you will have climbed 15,000 feet (4570 meters) in 93 miles (150 km).  You now have a few rollers as you head in a generally down direction towards Lake Henshaw for a shower, a meal and the right to brag about your massive climbing day.  There is no time to rest on your laurels because tomorrow will be another century plus day with 12,000 feet of gain.

Thursday March 14, 2019 Day #4

– 2 routes long and short

Roll time 9:00 am

After yesterday’s climbfest, today’s ride will really hurt.  You will need a long warm-up so you may want to take the first climb, Mesa Grande, fairly easy.  After climbing Mesa Grande you will continue up through the quaint little town known for it’s apple pies Julian.  You will then begin a gradual but continual climb up to the summit of Mount Laguna at almost 6,100 feet (1860 meters).  At this point you will have ridden 44 miles (71 km)  and 6000 feet (1830 meters) of gain.  Mount Laguna is the highest point of this camp.

You will now be rewarded with a nice downhill off the summit of Mount Laguna on Sunrise Highway.  At mile 53 (82 km) you will ride through a small town of Pine Valley.  There is a general store with great sandwiches, pizza and refreshments.  Don’t take on too much the climbing isn’t over yet.  The next section will take you through lots of undulating terrain on narrow roads eventually take you to Lake Cuyamaca.  Yes you were at this lake hours ago when you exited Julian before the long climb up Mount Laguna.  A left turn at the fire house and onto to one of my favorite roads in the area, Engineers Road.  Once you make the junction to Hwy 79 you will have a good descent back to Santa Ysabel and some rollers back to the Lake Henshaw resort.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 5.34.14 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-10 at 5.34.27 PM


Friday March 15, 2019 Day #5

one route.

Roll time 9:00 am

Camp ends travel day



Professional Bike Fit

50% savings for camp attendees.  Usual rates are $150 per hour during the camp your fitting rates drop to $75.00 per hour.  Please make reservations in advance there will only be one appointment per day.

Power Data Analysis

In depth and one on one power data analysis is available upon request.  As a member of the camp you will be offered the opportunity to sit down with an experienced cycling coach and analyze your power file from the day’s training.  Additionally, goals for the next day’s training will be mapped out for you.

Power Tap training wheel 

Power Profile testing is available before you begin this camp. By appointment only!

For those not currently training with power a Power Tap training wheel will be available for demo.  This may prove to be an invaluable introduction and experience in training with power.  You can reserve your wheel on the entry form.  Each wheel will be fitted with an 11-28 Shimano Cassette (compatible with SRAM) .  Please bring an ANT + device like a Garmin to record your data.  You’re data can be analyzed by an experienced coach at the end of each training day if you wish.

You may also rent a Power Tap wheel for the duration of the 5 day camp for $199

Bike Transport and gear – $149

Are you wondering how to get your bike to the camp?  You may ship your bike and associated gear to REV Cycling.  We will receive it, unbox it, tune it, and deliver it to the Lake Henshaw Resort for you.  When you complete the camp you leave your bicycle with us, we will clean it, box it, and ship it back to you.  The cost of the service is $149!  Return shipping rates will vary for each camp participant and are separate.  Travel cases (Serfas, Sci Con, EVOC, Thule and others) are available for purchase through REV Cycling!



1.  Will you be offering a partial week?

REV Cycling Events will offer a mini camp option.  Camp participants may opt for a 3-day version of the Palomar Mountain Cycling Camp.  The mini-camp is no slouch.  It covers the hardest 3 days of the event Tuesday March 17- Thursday March 19–  250 miles and 20,000 feet of gain.  Rates are as follows:

Mini Camp Pricing

How much (Lodging and meals included– Single Occupancy $275)
$895 early bird registration before December 1
$995 Super Saver registration between December 2- January 1,
$1095 Regular registration between January 2 –  Feb 1
$1195 LATE Registration Feb 2- Feb 9
Camp registration closes Monday Feb 28, 2019

2.  You mention mixed terrain do I need any special equipment, tires or bike?

REV Cycling wishes to bring you an adventure unlike nothing you have ever experienced before.  To that end, there are a few days with mixed-terrain ride options.  You will encounter mostly hard-packed dirt, fire roads, and some light gravel.  You may want to equip your bike with 25mm or 28mm tires if your bike can accommodate them.
A Cyclocross bicycle is not necessary.  REV Cycling recommends that you come prepared with an open mind ready for adventure.  You will be among friends and support will always be near by.
3.  Shall I be concerned riding a carbon bike on these mixed-terrain rides?
Riding a carbon road bike off-road can be questionable.  However, many of the dirt roads chosen for this event will be more than passable.  You can hike-a-bike if you don’t feel comfortable with a section or opt out completely of the mixed-terrain option. The real fun and adventure begins when the pavement gives way to dirt… come experience it!
4.  Will there be route sheets, regrouping or can riders ride at their own pace and Is this a no drop deal, or cue sheet navigated?
Route sheets will be provided daily for short and long routes.  For the safety off all camp participants it is imperative that riders partner-up with at least one other rider.  Regrouping is highly encouraged and will be practiced whenever possible.  Riders are also encouraged to ride at their own pace based on their training goals for the camp.  Camp director and SAG drivers must know your whereabouts at all times.
5.  What sports drink will you have in addition to Carbo pro and water? Do I need a Camelbak? How much fluid should I be prepared to carry? In other words, how far apart are the sag stops?
The camp will be supported by the excellent products of Sportquest.  Their Carbo Pro products have been used successfully by endurance athletes the world over. Skratch Labs will also be providing product for the camp.  If you have special nutritional needs you can bring your own powder mix and leave it with the SAG driver.  Water will always be available.  There will also be snacks and other items to keep you fueled.  There is also a camp store on the premises.  
A Camelbak will not be required.  The weather is expected to be in the 40-50 in the morning and highs in the 60’s each day.  SAG stops will be available before and after every major climb.  You should not be unsupported for more than 1 hour unless you wish to ride longer than that on your own.
6.  Why is the camp held mid-week instead of on the weekend like many other camps?  The mid-week camp makes it difficult to arrange and leave my responsibilities at home and work.
REV Cycling takes the safety of its camp participants very seriously.  The riding in Palomar Mountain area is incredibly beautiful and challenging for endurance cyclists.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists and car clubs share the same view.  During the week the roads are quiet and the traffic is minimal.  Your experience will be greatly enhanced by riding during the week without the buzzing of motorcycles and cars around you.
REV Cycling understands that it is easier to get away for a weekend than a week.  We are constantly scouting new arenas to hold cycling camps.  We will be offering weekend camps when we find the right combination of challenging climbs, scenic beauty and with quiet and SAFE roads.

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